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August 2021
August 2021 Marie Florent Paul Isabelle Anna

Here is how we were a while ago. If you think we look strange ... how about joining the search for even stranger beings ...

Rowing - 1999 Head Of The River - Putney Town Novice 8 ... now you can see this crew of top oarsmen in action - no sound clips sorry!

The Goon Show Show listing, plus index to shows that you may already have already transferred locally (zap the file:// to point to your files).

Messaging Old Boys - People from particular old messgaing projects

Dandelion Radio - An internet radio station that I am involved in.

My MySpace page - primarily related to my activities in Dandelion Radio.

Mini Digital Broadcasting info - with my own EPG integration [DABDig]

There are various bits of freeware that I have found useful at home. Maybe they would be useful to you too. You can see the list here.

Why Spidersweb for this site name - simply using my surname - but here is a good spider info source, Spidersweb background came from

Just in case you ever need them .... Freeware and some other useful stuff that I find use 

Freeware utilities
Psion WaveFinder - alternate player - DABBar DAB Bar
Newsreader - NNTP FreeAgent
Linksys NSLU2 (Network Storage) Opened up firmware for Linksys NSLU2
SlimDevices SlimServer Open Source music server


Search the general internet - this is not a local site search Google


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